Dairy & Produce Delivery Software Solutions – and More

Comprehensive, integrated, flexible, simple to use and to suit your budget.

Our data management software is a powerful tool, strategically designed to help you manage your business by improving your efficiency, control and communication.

We developed our data management application for our own dairy business in the 1980s. Today, our Paragon Dairy Management System remains the only application that has been developed by a milkman specifically for the dairy and food delivery industries.

More Than Just Local 

We have continued to refine and develop our software, in step with ever increasing technical and financial pressures on the dairy and doorstep delivery sectors.   We assist businesses, large or small, across the UK, including:

  • Single Round Bottle Milk Buyers
  • Multi-round Dairies with Retail and Semi-retail rounds
  • Wholesale Distribution businesses
  • Multi-site operations

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Do More Than Just Survive – Thrive!

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